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Accounting for What We Treasure: Economic Valuation of Public Heritage  

Sheila Ellwood

Online publication date:
Apr 2018
Recent attempts to include and assess public heritage in the accounts of governments and charities are controversial. There are many kinds of value, not merely financial, and various ... More

Agricultural Heritage and Conservation Beyond the Anthropocene  

Daniel Niles

Online publication date:
Apr 2018
This chapter explores the contemporary significance of agricultural heritage, a concept in which the largely cultural and societal concerns for heritage preservation are shuffled into ... More

Australia’s Rock Art Heritage: A Thematic Approach to Assessing Scientific Value  

Jo McDonald

Australia has myriad rock art places that have special significance to their many Indigenous owners and a heritage resource of outstanding universal value to all humankind. The appropriate ... More

The Conservation and Management of Rock Art: An Integrated Approach  

Johannes Loubser

Online publication date:
Jun 2017
The aim of this chapter is to review basic components and procedures regarding rock art conservation and management for archaeologists and anybody else who may be interested in such ... More

Contesting the Aesthetic Construction of Community: The New Suburban Landscape  

Denise Lawrence-Zúñiga

Online publication date:
Mar 2018
This chapter considers community conflicts arising over the aesthetic character of homes when advocates use government policies and regulations to impose historic preservation values. ... More

Creating Universal Value: The UNESCO World Heritage Convention in its Fifth Decade  

Christoph Brumann

Online publication date:
Feb 2018
This chapter traces the gestation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and the rise of the World Heritage title to a global brand and major catalyst for heritage aspirations, ... More

Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights in Rock Art: A Case Study of Australian Indigenous Art  

Stephen Gray

Questions of legal and cultural rights over rock art are particularly compelling given the very different significance the art holds for Indigenous people compared to that recognized by a ... More

Cultural Heritage: Capital, Commons, and Heritages  

Christian Barrère

Online publication date:
Mar 2018
This article criticizes the reduction of Cultural Heritages to Cultural Capital or Cultural Commons. Whereas economists usually reduce heritages to their capital aspects (standard capital ... More

Culturally Reflexive Stewardship: Conserving Ways of Life  

Robert H. Winthrop

Online publication date:
Jan 2018
This article is concerned with caring for place, the interweaving of community, landscape, and culture. Culturally reflexive stewardship (crs) involves actions to sustain a way of life, ... More

Culture, Heritage, and the Politics of Becoming  

Joanie Willett

Online publication date:
Apr 2018
This chapter argues that critical heritage studies needs to consider not only what culture and heritage says about a place or space, but also what kinds of future possibilities and ... More