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Adult Appearances?: The Representation of Children and Childhood in Medieval Art  

Sophie Oosterwijk

Print publication date:
May 2018
Online publication date:
Jun 2018
It is often assumed that children do not really occur in medieval art. The problem for researchers is not so much one of finding representations of childhood, but of recognizing them. ... More

An Anarchéologie of Icons  

Glenn Peers

This chapter examines the development of a distinctive early Christian genre: the icon. It does so by taking a relatively unknown, but important, example of a devotional panel in a U.S. ... More

Ancient Stone Sculptures: In Search of the Mexica Past  

Eduardo Matos Moctezuma

Print publication date:
Jan 2017
Online publication date:
Dec 2016
This chapter discusses the Mexica monumental sculptures uncovered in downtown Mexico City during the late eighteenth century, including the Coatlicue and Tlaltecuhtli sculptures, and the ... More

Animate Shadows of Bears and Giants  

Kevin Conti and William Walker

This chapter explores the performance of light and shadows in two ancestral Pueblo rock art sites in southeast Utah. These sites possess anthropomorphic rock faces and modified features to ... More

The Archaeology of Early Italian Churches in Context, 313–569 CE  

Alexandra Chavarría Arnau

The archaeology of early Christian churches has made important advancements in recent decades in Italy thanks to a large number of new excavations and scientific meetings, as well as the ... More

Art for the Living  

J. D. Lewis-Williams

Print publication date:
Apr 2014
Online publication date:
Oct 2013
This article outlines the development of approaches to modern human behaviour and, especially, Upper Palaeolithic art. It argues that researchers should not focus on intelligence to the exclusion of ... More

Art in the Aztec Empire  

Emily Umberger

Print publication date:
Sep 2012
Online publication date:
Nov 2012
Archaeological remains testify to the spread of goods and ideas over broad areas of Mesoamerica at different times throughout its prehispanic history. However, most material expansions are ... More

The Art of the Catacombs  

Fabrizio Bisconti

The art of the catacombs was born in Rome between the second and third centuries and is manifested especially in the pictorial decorations of the cubicula and other hypogeal environments. ... More

Art of the Classic Period  

Rex Koontz

Print publication date:
Sep 2012
Online publication date:
Nov 2012
The Mesoamerican Classic period (ca. 250–900 ad ) is characterized by the expansion of urban elite artistic cultures across the region. The basic characteristics of Classic-period elite ... More

Art on the northern edge of the Mediterranean world  

Martin Guggisberg

Online publication date:
Sep 2018
This chapter examines the relationship between art and society in Iron Age Europe, with a focus on Celtic art. It begins by asking what constituted ‘art’ in this context, what was its ... More