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Australia’s Rock Art Heritage: A Thematic Approach to Assessing Scientific Value  

Jo McDonald

Australia has myriad rock art places that have special significance to their many Indigenous owners and a heritage resource of outstanding universal value to all humankind. The appropriate ... More

Behavioural inferences from Late Pleistocene Aboriginal Australia: seasonality, butchery, and nutrition in southwest Tasmania  

Richard Cosgrove and Jillian Garvey

Print publication date:
Mar 2017
Online publication date:
Apr 2017
Detailed research into marsupial behavioural ecology and modelling of past Aboriginal exploitation of terrestrial fauna has been scarce. Poor bone preservation is one limiting factor in ... More

Bodies Revealed: X-ray Art in Western Arnhem Land  

Luke Taylor

This chapter examines X-ray art in western Arnhem Land in northern Australia, considering how relatively contemporary artists used it to enrich the meaning of their work. After discussing ... More

Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights in Rock Art: A Case Study of Australian Indigenous Art  

Stephen Gray

Questions of legal and cultural rights over rock art are particularly compelling given the very different significance the art holds for Indigenous people compared to that recognized by a ... More

Out of Time and Place: Graffiti and Rock Art Research  

Ursula K. Frederick

This chapter explores the relationship between graffiti and rock art in the context of archaeological and heritage studies. It outlines how archaeologists, and particularly rock art ... More

Plants Before Animals?: Aboriginal Rock Art as Evidence of Ecoscaping in Australia’s Kimberley  

Sven Ouzman, Peter Veth, Cecilia Myers, Pauline Heaney, and Kevin Kenneally

Online publication date:
Nov 2017
The multiple Aboriginal rock art traditions of Australia’s Kimberley contain primary evidence of commensal human–plant relationships that we term ‘ecoscaping’. Produced over tens of ... More

Rock Art and Ethnography in Australia  

Liam M. Brady, Robert G. Gunn, Claire Smith, and Bruno David

This chapter discusses the contribution of ethnography to the study of Australian rock art. With more than 100 years of ethnographic enquiry into rock art from across the country, valuable ... More

Visiting Gonjorong’s Cave  

Valda Blundell, Donny Woolagoodja, Janet Oobagooma, and Leah Umbagai

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
This chapter focuses on Gonjorong’s Cave, a rock shelter in the Kimberley region of northwest Australia. Gonjorong’s Cave contains paintings of anthropomorphic figures known as Wandjina, a ... More