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Amulets and the Ritual Efficacy of Christian Symbols  

Rangar H. Cline

Online publication date:
Jan 2019
Although “magical” amulets are often overlooked in studies of early Christian material culture, they provide unique insight into the lives of early Christians. The high number of amulets ... More

An Anarchéologie of Icons  

Glenn Peers

This chapter examines the development of a distinctive early Christian genre: the icon. It does so by taking a relatively unknown, but important, example of a devotional panel in a U.S. ... More

The Archaeology of Early Christianity: The History, Methods, and State of a Field  

William R. Caraher and David K. Pettegrew

Since the Renaissance, archaeology has played a significant albeit changing role in illuminating the history of early Christianity. This chapter surveys different historical approaches to ... More

Archaeology of Early Christianity in Egypt  

Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom

This chapter discusses the evolution of scholarly interest in Christian antiquities in Egypt after 1900. The archaeology of early Christianity developed much later than the field of ... More

The Archaeology of Early Italian Churches in Context, 313–569 CE  

Alexandra Chavarría Arnau

The archaeology of early Christian churches has made important advancements in recent decades in Italy thanks to a large number of new excavations and scientific meetings, as well as the ... More

The Archaeology of Early Monastic Communities  

Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom

Online publication date:
Jan 2019
This chapter discusses new developments in the field of monastic archaeology and the archaeology of early monastic settlements. The presence of monastic communities in documentary and ... More

Archaeology of the Gospels  

James F. Strange

Online publication date:
Jan 2019
This chapter discusses the archaeology of the New Testament as applied to Jesus and the gospels. The aim is to create a reliable social, economic, and material history of the origins and ... More


Christina Maranci

The fourth to seventh centuries were formative in the art and culture of Armenia. This era witnessed the conversion of the land to Christianity, the invention of the Armenian alphabet and ... More

The Art of the Catacombs  

Fabrizio Bisconti

The art of the catacombs was born in Rome between the second and third centuries and is manifested especially in the pictorial decorations of the cubicula and other hypogeal environments. ... More

Asia Minor  

Peter Talloen

The early Christian archaeology of Asia Minor has recently developed into a discipline devoted to the contextualized study of the material remains of early Christianity. It has ... More