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Are Nonhuman Animals Persons?  

Michael Tooley

Print publication date:
Oct 2011
Online publication date:
May 2012
This article considers the concept of persons as the central issue in moral status debates. It finds questions about whether members of one or more nonhuman species of animals are persons ... More

Global Feminism  

Christine M. Koggel

Print publication date:
May 2011
Online publication date:
Sep 2011
The concept “global feminism” is less about describing a common set of commitments or beliefs shared by “global” feminists than it is about providing a critical perspective on Western ... More

Philosophy of Linguistics  

Robert J. Stainton

Online publication date:
Jul 2014
Rather than attempting to survey the rich array of topics within the philosophy of linguistics, this article focuses on two questions: “What kind of thing is linguistics about?” and “What ... More

Raichō: Zen and the Female Body in the Development of Japanese Feminist Philosophy  

Michiko Yusa and Leah Kalmanson

Online publication date:
Nov 2014
Hiratsuka Raichō (1886–1971) was a pioneer feminist philosopher and activist. This chapter discusses the development of Raichō’a thinking on questions of gender, embodiment, and women’s ... More

Why Be Emotional?  

Sabine A. Döring

Print publication date:
Dec 2009
Online publication date:
Jan 2010
What would it mean for agency if we could fully control our emotions, or even had no emotions at all? This article defends the thesis that this would not be a gain but a loss. As is shown ... More

Why is Perceptual Attention Philosophically Interesting?  

John Campbell

Online publication date:
May 2014
How can the role of conscious attention in knowledge and action be investigated? Empirical studies move seamlessly back and forth between the level of the subject’s relation to the ... More