August Update Live

August 8, 2018

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 465 individual articles and 12 complete Handbook titles from across 14 subject areas.

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Individual Articles

Business and Management

Management in Emerging Markets
Consumer Behavior in Emerging Markets, Raquel Castaño, David Flores
Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, Saul Estrin, Tomasz Mickiewicz, Ute Stephan, Mike Wright
Innovation in Emerging Markets, George S. Yip, Shameeen Prashantham
Managing Emerging Markets in Russia, Sheila M. Puffer, Daniel J. McCarthy, Ruth C. May, Galina V. Shirokova, Andrei Panibratov
Spillovers from FDI in Emerging Market Economies, Sumon Kumar Bhaumik, Nigel Driffield, Meng Song, Priit Vahter
State-Owned Multinationals in International Competition, Aldo Musacchio, Felipe Monteiro, Sergio G. Lazzarini

Classical Studies

Hellenistic Hesiod, Lilah Grace Canevaro
Hesiod and Comedy, Jeffrey Henderson
Hesiod and Pindar, Tom Phillips
Hesiod and Tragedy, Alan H. Sommerstein
Hesiod in Performance, Egbert Bakker
Hesiod’s temporalities, Alexander C. Loney
Hesiodic Poetics, Stephen Scully
Hesiodic theology, Richard P. Martin
In Hesiod's World, David Tandy
Introduction, Stephen Scully, Alexander C. Loney
Ovid's Hesiodic Voices, Ioannis Ziogas
Plato's Hesiod, Marcus Folch

Economics and Finance

the Brazilian Economy
Antitrust and competition policy in Brazil, Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro, Camila Pires-Alves, Luis Carlos D. Prado
Brazil’s Agricultural Modernization and EMBRAPA, Geraldo B. Martha Jr., Eliseu Alves
Brazilian Structuralism, Joseph L. Love
Brazil's Northeast, Alexandre Rands Barros
Environmental Issues, Ariaster B. Chimeli
Growth volatility and economic growth in Brazil, Jorge Arbache, Sarquis J. B. Sarquis
Infrastructure, Edmund Amann, Werner Baer, Thomas Trebat, Juan Villa Lora
Introduction, Edmund Amann, Carlos R. Azzoni
Labor market development in Brazil: formalization, at last?, Celia Lessa Kerstenetsky, Danielle Carusi Machado
Regional Disparities, Carlos R. Azzoni, Eduardo A. Haddad
The Agricultural Sector, Carlos José Caetano Bacha
The Brazilian Development Bank, Luiz Ricardo Cavalcante
The Colonial Economy, Flavio Versiani
The Economics of Health in Brazil, Antonio Carlos Coelho Campino, Maria Dolores Montoya Diaz, Flavia Mori Sarti
The Evolution of Brazil's Banking System, Gustavo S. Cortes, Renato L. Marcondes
The rise and fall of state enterprises, Armando Castelar Pinheiro


European Legal History
Ancient Greek Law, Michael Gagarin
Communism and the Law, Yoram Gorlizki
Feudal Law, Dirk Heirbaut
Germanic Law, Karl Shoemaker
Institutions of Ancient Roman Law, Luigi Capogrossi Colognesi
Legal Formalism and its Critics, Hans-Peter Haferkamp
The Constitutional State, Dieter Gosewinkel
The Law of the Welfare State, Bruno Aguilera-Barchet


Computational Linguistics, Second Edition
Syntax, Ronald M. Kaplan
Text-to-Speech Synthesis, Thierry Dutoit, Yannis Stylianou
Endangered Languages
Afterword, David Crystal
Assessing degrees of language endangerment, Nala H. Lee, John R. Van Way
Indigenous language use impacts wellness, Alice Taff, Melvatha Chee, Jaeci Hall, Millie Yéi Dulitseen Hall, Kawenniyóhstha Nicole Martin, Annie Johnston
Introduction, Lyle Campbell, Kenneth L. Rehg
Language archiving, Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker, Ryan Henke
New media for endangered languages, Laura Buszard-Welcher
The goals of language documentation, Richard Rhodes, Lyle Campbell
Writing grammars of endangered languages, Amber Camp, Lyle Campbell, Victoria Chen, Nala H. Lee, Matt Magnuson, Samantha Rarrick
Language and Sexuality


American Folklore and Folklife Studies
Family and Friends, Caren Neile
Edgar Allan Poe
Pym and Unreadability, Cindy Weinstein
Poe’s Terror Analytics, J. Gerald Kennedy
Poe's Visual Legacy, Barbara Cantalupo
Postmodern Poe, Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
John Bunyan
The Holy War (1682), Nancy Rosenfeld
The Pilgrim’s Progress, Part II (1684), Margaret Olofson Thickstun
Bunyan and America, Joel D.S. Rasmussen
Bunyan and Empire, Sylvia Brown
Bunyan and Gender, Margaret J. M. Ezell
Bunyan and Romance, Nick Davis
Bunyan and the Romantics, Jonathan Shears
Bunyan and the Word, Alison Searle
Bunyan for Children, Shannon Murray
Bunyan’s Reading, Roger Pooley
the Baroque


Critical Concepts in Music Theory
Polyphony, Michael Tenzer
Hip Hop Studies
Music and the Body
Musical Repatriation


the Auditory Brainstem
The Superior Paraolivary Nucleus, Anna K. Magnusson, Marcelo Gómez-Álvarez


Phenomenological Psychopathology
William James
James and Evolution, Trevor Pearce

Physical Sciences

Applied Bayesian Analysis
Analysis of Economic Data With Multiscale Spatio-temporal Models, Marco Ferreira, Adelmo Bertoldey, Scott Holan
Assessing The Probability of Rare Climate Events, Peter Challenor, Doug McNeall, James Gattiker
Bayesian Analysis and Decisions in Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance, Elmira Popova, David Morton, Paul Damien, Tim Hanson
Bayesian Modelling for Matching and Alignment of Biomolecules, Peter Green, Kanti Mardia, Vysaul Nyirongo, Yann Ruffieux
Bayesian Modelling of Train Doors Reliability, Antonio Pievatolo, Fabrizio Ruggeri
Bayesian Statistical Methods for Audio and Music Processing, A. Taylan Cemgil, Simon Godsill, Paul Peeling, Nick Whiteley
Combining Simulations and Physical Observations to Estimate Cosmological Parameters, Dave Higdon, Katrin Heitmann, Charles Nakhleh, Salman Habib
Designing and Analyzing a Circuit Device Experiment Using Treed Gaussian Processes, Herbert Lee, Matthew Taddy, Robert Gramacy, Genetha Gray
Futures Markets, Bayesian Forecasting, and Risk Modeling, José Mario Quintana, Carlos Carvalho, James Scott, Thomas Costigliola
Linking Systems Biology Models to Data: a Stochastic Kinetic Model of p53 Oscillations, D. A. Henderson, R.J. Boys, C.J. Proctor, D.J. Wilkinson
Mapping Malaria in the Amazon Rain Forest: a Spatio-Temporal Mixture Model, Alexandra Schmidt, Jennifer Hoeting, João Batista Pereira, Pedro Paulo Vieira
Models for Demography of Plant Populations, James Clark, Dave Bell, Michael Dietze, Michelle Hersh, Ines Ibanez, Shannon LaDeau, Sean McMahon, Jessica Metcalf, Emily Moran, Luke Pangle, Mike Wolosin
Paternity Testing Allowing for Uncertain Mutation Rates, Philip Dawid, Julia Mortera, Paola Vicard
Probabilistic Grammars and Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes, Percy Liang, Michael Jordan, Dan Klein
The New Macroeconometrics: A Bayesian Approach, Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, Pablo Guerrón-Quintana, Juan Rubio-Ramírez
Food, Water and Society
National Capital Accounting for Water Resources, Matthew Agarwala, Michael Brock
Functional Data Analysis
Classification methods for functional data, A. Baillo, A. Cuevas, R. Fraiman
Functional linear regression, H. Cardot, P. Sarda
Random Matrix Theory
Algrebraic Geometry, Leonid Chekhov
Beta Ensembles, Peter Forrester
Characteristic Polynomials, Edouard Brezin, Sinobu Hikami
Complex Networks, Geoff Rodgers, Taro Nagao
Condensed Matter Physics, Carlo W. J. Beenakker
Enumeration of Maps, Jeremie Bouttier
Financial Applications, Jean-Phillipe Bouchard, Marc Potters
Forward, Freeman Dyson
Free Probability Theory, Roland Speicher
Guide to the Handbook, Gernot Akemann, Jinho Baik, Philippe Di Francesco
Heavy-Tailed Random Matrices, Zdzislaw Burda, Jerzy Jurkiewicz
History, Oriol Bohigas, Hans Weidenmuller
Information Theory, Antonia Tulino, Sergio Verdu
Knot Theory, Poul Zinn-Justin, Jean-Bernard Zuber
Laplacian Growth, Anton Zabrodin
Loop Equation Method, Nicolas Orantin
Multivariate Statistics, Noureddine El Karoui
Non-Hermitian Ensembles, Boris Khoruzhenko, Hans-Jurgen Sommers
Number Theory, Jon Keating, Nina Snaith
Optics, Carlo W. J. Beenakker
Painleve Transcendents, Alexander Its
Phase Transitions, Giovanni Cicuta, Luca Molinari
Quantum Chaos and Quantum Graphs, Sebastian Muller, Martin Sieber
Quantum Chromodynamics, Jac Verbaarschot
Random Growth Models, Patrik L. Ferrari, Herbert Spohn
Random Permutations, Grigori Olshanski
Replica Approach, Eugene Kanzieper
Resonance Scattering in Chaotic Systems, Yan Fyodorov, Dmitry Savin
Ribonucleic Acid Folding, Graziano Vernizzi, Henri Orland
String Theory, Marcos Marino
Supersymmetry, Thomas Guhr
Symmetry Classes, Martin Zirnbauer
Universality, Arno Kuijlaars
Wigner Matrices, Gerard Ben Arous, Guionnet

Political Science

Behavioral Political Science
The Operational Codes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Stephen G. Walker, Mark Schafer, Gary E. Smith
Israeli Politics and Society
Political Consumerism
Political Consumerism in Central and Eastern Europe, Léna Pellandini-Simányi, Emese Gulyás
Mass-Consumption and Political Consumerism, Magnus Boström, Mikael Klintman
Political Consumerism for Sustainable Tourism: A Review, Machiel Lamers, Jeroen Nawijn, Eke Eijgelaar
Politicizing Consumption in Latin America, Fátima Portilho, Michele Micheletti
The Successes of Political Consumerism as a Social Movement, Lara Monticelli, Donatella della Porta
Undemocratic Political Consumerism, Dietlind Stolle, Lucas Huissoud
the United Nations, Second Edition
Climate Change, Maria Ivanova
Cyber Threats, Lucas Kello
Evolution in Knowledge and Norms, Leon Gordenker, Christer Jönsson
Financing, Jeffrey Laurenti
General Assembly, M. J. Peterson
Human Development, Richard Jolly
Human Rights: Norms & Machinery, Natalie Samarsinghe
Human Security, Christopher K. Penny
Legal Perspectives, José E. Alvarez
Media, Barbara Crossette
Non-Governmental Organizations, Michael Bluman Schroeder, Paul Wapner
Organized Crime, Frank G. Madsen
Peace Operations, Richard Gowan
Peacebuilding, Roland Paris
Political Approaches, Michael N. Barnett, Martha Finnemore
Private Sector, Craig N. Murphy
Regional Organizations, Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu
Sanctions, George A. Lopez
Secretariat: Independence and Reform, James O. C. Jonah, Amy Scott
Secretary-General, Edward Newman
Security Council, David M. Malone, Sebastian von Einsiedel
Sustainable Development Goals, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
Terrorism, Jane Boulden
Trusteeship Council, Ralph Wilde
UN Development System, Jacques Fomerand, Dennis Dijkzeul
World Trade Organization, Rorden Wilkinson


Educational Psychology
Improving the Credibility of Educational Intervention Research, Daniel H. Robinson, Joel R. Levin, Steve Graham, Gregory Schraw, Lynn Fuchs, Sharon R. Vaughn
Group and Organizational Learning
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Benefit-Finding, Suzanne C. Lechner
Toward a Biology of Social Support, Emily D. Hooker, Peggy M. Zoccola, Sally S. Dickerson


Religion and American Education
Campus Ministry, John A. Schmalzbauer
Catholic Higher Education, Michael Galligan–Stierle, Paula Moore
Faith Development, Sharon Daloz Parks
Introduction, Michael D. Waggoner, Nathan C. Walker
Law and Religion in American Education, John Witte Jr., Brian William Kaufman
Moral and Character Development, Larry P. Nucci, Robyn Ilten-Gee
Pluralism in Religion and American Education, Diana L. Eck, Brendan Randall
Private Religious Schools, Charles J. Russo, Kate E. Soules, Adina Newman, Susan L. Douglass
Religion and Homeschools, Milton Gaither
Religion in Mainline and Independent Private Higher Education, Douglas Jacobsen, Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen
Religion, Spirituality and College Students, Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach, Julie J. Park
Religious Education between the Traditions, Eboo Patel, Noah Silverman
Religious Expression in Public Schools, Kevin R. Pregent, Nathan C. Walker
Teaching Religious Studies, Eugene V. Gallagher
Theological Education, Daniel O. Aelshire

Complete Handbooks


Public Heritage Theory and Practice, Eds. Angela M. Labrador, Neil Asher Silberman

Classical Studies

Hesiod, Eds. Alexander C. Loney, Stephen Scully

Economics and Finance

the Brazilian Economy, Eds. Edmund Amann, Carlos R. Azzoni, Werner Baer


European Legal History, Eds. Heikki Pihlajamäki, Markus Dirk Dubber, Mark Godfrey


Endangered Languages, Eds. Kenneth L. Rehg, Lyle Campbell


John Bunyan, Eds. Michael Davies, W. R. Owens

Physical Sciences

Applied Bayesian Analysis, Eds. Anthony O' Hagan, Mike West
Functional Data Analysis, Eds. Frederic Ferraty, Yves Romain
Random Matrix Theory, Eds. Gernot Akemann, Jinho Baik, Philippe Di Francesco

Political Science

Polling and Survey Methods, Eds. Lonna Rae Atkeson, R. Michael Alvarez
the United Nations, Second Edition, Eds. Thomas G. Weiss, Sam Daws


Religion and American Education, Eds. Michael D. Waggoner, Nathan C. Walker

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