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April 5, 2018

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 361 individual articles and 10 complete Handbook titles from across 14 subject areas.

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Online Only Articles

Classical Studies


Individual Articles


Archaeological Theory
Marxist Archaeologies, Francesco Iacono
Signs and symbols, Kathryn E. Piquette
Theory in the field, John Barrett, Sue Hamilton
Light in Archaeology
Public Heritage Theory and Practice
Introduction: Public Heritage as Social Practice, Angela M. Labrador, Neil Asher Silberman
the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art

Classical Studies

Greek and Roman Slaveries
Material evidence, Sarah P. Morris, Stephen L. Dyson


the Ends of Empire
the Incas
Northern Chile and the Incas, Calogero Santoro, Mauricio Uribe
The Inca Presence at Pachacamac and the Coast of Peru, Peter Eeckhout, Enrique López Hurtado
The Incas at Tiwanaku and the Titicaca Basin, Jason Yaeger, José María López
Conclusion, Alan Covey, Sonia Alconini
Conclusion: Civilizing the Incas, Alan Covey, Sonia Alconini
Conclusion: Reassessing Inca Hard Power, Alan Covey, Sonia Alconini
Introduction, Sonia Alconini, Alan Covey
The Acllacona and Mitmacona: Diet, Ethnicity, and Status, Bethany Turner-Livermore, Barbara R. Hewitt


Islamic Law
Islamic Law and Gender, Saadia Yacoob


Computational Linguistics, Second Edition
Computational Treatment of Multiword Expressions, Carlos Ramisch, Aline Villavicencio
Machine Learning, Raymond J. Mooney


American Folklore and Folklife Studies
Folk Poetry, Elizabeth Tucker
Home and Vehicle, Cory Thomas Hutcheson
Speech, Names, and Gestures, Charles Clay Doyle
Edgar Allan Poe
Poe's Lives, Richard Kopley


Critical Concepts in Music Theory
Mode, Susan McClary


Developmental Neural Plasticity
Cortical Plasticity, Sally A. Marik, Charles D. Gilbert
Neuronal Ion Channels
Large conductance potassium channels in the nervous system, Willy Carrasquel-Ursulaez, Yenisleidy Lorenzo, Felipe Echeverria, Ramon Latorre
The Voltage-dependent Sodium Channel Family, Mariola Zaleska, Samantha C. Salvage, Andrew J. Thompson, Sivakumar Namadurai, Christopher L-H Huang, Trevor Wilkinson, Fiona S. Cusdin, Antony P. Jackson
the Auditory Brainstem


Japanese Philosophy
Japanese Ethics, Robert E. Carter
Phenomenological Psychopathology
Affective Temperaments, Andrea Raballo, Lorenzo Pelizza
Conscience, Marcin Moskalewicz
Franco Basaglia, John Foot
Psychopathology and Law, Gareth S. Owen
Schizophrenic Autism, Richard G.T. Gipps, Sanneke de Haan

Political Science

Governance and Limited Statehood
Brokerage, Intermediation, Translation, Jana Hönke, Markus-Michael Müller
Business, Tanja A. Börzel, Nicole Deitelhoff
Conceptual Clarification and Major Contributions of the Handbook, Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse, Anke Draude
Critical Approaches, Laura Sjoberg, Samuel Barkin
Education, Anne Ellersiek
Environmental and Natural Resources, Ralph Hamann, Jana Hönke, Tim O’Riordan
External State Actors, Markus Lederer
Food Security, Andrea Liese
Foreign Aid, Axel Dreher, Valentin F. Lang, Sebastian Ziaja
Geographies of Limited Statehood, Benedikt Korf, Timothy Raeymaekers, Conrad Schetter, Michael J. Watts
Health, Anna Holzscheiter
Histories of Governance, Stefan Esders, Lasse Hölck, Stefan Rinke
Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Democracy, Tobias Berger, Milli Lake
INGOs and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships, Marianne Beisheim, Anne Ellersiek, Jasmin Lorch
Migration, Sandra Lavenex
Normative Political Theory, Daniel Jacob, Bernd Ladwig, Cord Schmelzle
Policy, Lars Brozus, Christian Jetzlsperger, Gregor Walter-Drop
Security, Ursula Schröder
Social Trust, Anke Draude, Lasse Hölck, Dietlind Stolle
'Traditional' Authorities, Till Förster, Lucy Koechlin
International Political Theory
Critical International Political Theory, Anna Jurkevics, Seyla Benhabib
The Case for Ideal Theory, Laura Valentini
Transitional Justice, Susanne Buckley-Zistel
Virtues and Capabilities, Steven Torrente, Harry D. Gould
International Political Theory and Cyber Security, Brandon Valeriano, Ryan C. Maness
Judgement: A Conceptual Sketch, Friedrich Kratochwil
Minority Rights, Will Kymlicka
Realist Challenges, Duncan Bell
International Security
Alliances, Sten Rynning, Olivier Schmitt
Arms Control, Jennifer Erikson
Biology, evolution and international security, Rose McDermott, Peter K. Hatemi
Civil-military relations, Lindsay Cohn, Damon Coletta, Peter Feaver
Constructivisms, Michael L. Barnett
Counter-insurgency, Austin Long
Critical security studies, Chris Hendershot, David Mutimer
Drone Proliferation in the 21st Century, Sarah Kreps, Matt Fuhrmann, Michael Horowitz
Economics of war and peace, Jonathan D. Caverley
Energy security, Thierry Bros
Great Powers, Barry Buzan
Humanitarian intervention, Jennifer M. Welsh
Maritime security, Sarah Percy
Mega-trends in armed violence, Aaron Clauset, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
Methods in critical security studies, Mark Salter, Can Mutlu
Migration, Audie Klotz
Nationalism and International Security, Brendan O'Leary, Nicholas Sambanis
Realisms, Adam Quinn
Regional security complexes and organizations, Matteo Legrenzi, Fred H. Lawson
Statistics and International Security, Adam Lauretig, Bear Braumoeller
Terrorism, Audrey Kurth Cronin
The future of security studies, Alexandra Gheciu, William C. Wohlforth
The Global South and International Security, Rita Abrahamsen, Adam Sandor
Networked Communication


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Educational Psychology
Creativity, John Baer
Group and Organizational Learning
Team Training in Organizations: It Works—When Done Right, Eduardo Salas, Denise L. Reyes, Amanda L. Woods
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Subjective Well-Being: The Science of Happiness and Life Satisfaction, Shigehiro Oishi, Ed Diener, Richard E. Lucas
Psychological Situations
Other People as Situations: Relational Context Shapes Psychological Phenomena, Margaret S. Clark, Edward P. Lemay Jr., Harry T. Reis
Situational Strength Theory: A Formalized Conceptualization of a Popular Idea, Rustin D. Meyer, Elnora D. Kelly, Nathan A. Bowling
Spontaneous Thought
Flow as spontaneous thought: Insight and implicit learning, John Vervaeke, Leo Ferraro, Arianne Herrera-Bennett
Functional neuroanatomy of spontaneous thought, Jessica R. Andrews-Hanna, Zachary C. Irving, Kieran C.R. Fox, R. Nathan Spreng, Kalina Christoff
Investigating the elements of thought: Towards a component process account of spontaneous cognition, Jonathan Smallwood, Daniel S. Margulies, Boris C. Bernhardt, Elizabeth Jeffries
Mind-wandering in educational settings, Jeffrey D. Wammes, Paul Seli, Daniel Smilek
Rumination is a Sticky Form of Spontaneous Thought, Elizabeth DuPre, R. Nathan Spreng
Spontaneous Mental Experiences in Extreme and Unusual Environments, Peter Suedfeld, A. Dennis Rank, Marek Malůš
The Philosophy of Mind-Wandering, Zachary C. Irving, Evan Thompson


Buddhist Ethics
The Vinaya, Charles S. Prebish
Bhiksuni Ordination, Bhikkhu Analayo
Buddhism and Sexuality, Amy Paris Langenberg
Buddhism and Women, Alice Collett
Buddhism, War, and Violence, Michael Jerryson
Buddhist Economics, James Mark Shields
Ethics in Zen, Christopher Ives
Ethics, Meditation, and Wisdom, Justin S. Whitaker, Douglass Smith
Euthanasia, Damien Keown
Human Rights, Damien Keown
Introduction, Daniel Cozort, James Mark Shields
Karma, Peter Harvey
Madhyamaka Ethics, Bronwyn Finnigan
Tantric Ethics, Gareth Sparham
Catholic Theology
Our Lady and the Saints, Emery de Gaál
Thomism from 1962 to 2012, Serge Thomas-Bonino
Ecumenical Studies
Justification, Anthony N. S. Lane
Liturgy, Karen B. Westerfield Tucker
Method in Ecumenism, William J. Abraham
Orthodox, Tamara Grdzelidze
The Unity We Seek, Radu Bordeianu
Jesuit Theater, Anne-Sophie Gallo


Pierre Bourdieu
Bourdieu and Geometric Data Analysis, Frédéric Lebaron, Brigitte Le Roux
Bourdieu and the Body, Catherine Connell, Ashley Mears
Bourdieu’s International Circulation: An Exercise in Intellectual Mapping, Marco Santoro, Andrea Gallelli, Barbara Grüning
Bourdieu’s Uneven Influence in Anglophone Canadian Sociology, John McLevey, Allyson Stokes, Amelia Howard
Habitus and Beyond, Claudio Benzecry
Pierre Bourdieu, a Twentieth Century Life, Thomas Medvetz, Jeffrey J. Sallaz
The Poverty of Philosophy, Michael Burawoy

Complete Handbooks


Prehistoric Oceania, Eds. Ethan E. Cochrane, Terry L. Hunt

Political Science

International Security, Eds. Alexandra Gheciu, William C. Wohlforth

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Prisons and Imprisonment, Eds. John Wooldredge, Paula Smith


the Incas, Eds. Sonia Alconini, Alan Covey

Political Science

Electoral Systems, Eds. Erik S. Herron, Robert J. Pekkanen, Matthew S. Shugart
Governance and Limited Statehood, Eds. Anke Draude, Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse
International Political Theory, Eds. Chris Brown, Robyn Eckersley


Spontaneous Thought, Eds. Kalina Christoff, Kieran C.R. Fox


Buddhist Ethics, Eds. Daniel Cozort, James Mark Shields


Pierre Bourdieu, Eds. Thomas Medvetz, Jeffrey J. Sallaz

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