March Update Live

March 7, 2018

This month, Oxford Handbooks Online adds 236 individual articles and 4 complete Handbook titles from across 13 subject areas.

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Online Only Articles



Individual Articles


Historical Archaeology
Public Heritage Theory and Practice
the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art
The Rock Art of Sub-Saharan Africa, Jean-Loïc Le Quellec
The Rock Art of Sub-Scandinavian Europe, Olivia Rivero, Juan F. Ruiz
the Archaeology of Diet
the European Iron Age
Demographic aspects of Iron Age societies, Stefan Burmeister, Michael Gebühr
Funerary practices, Patrice Brun
Horses, wagons, and chariots, Katharina Rebay-Salisbury
Trade and exchange, Chris Gosden
Urbanization and oppida, Stephan Fichtl
Formal religion, Miranda Aldhouse-Green
Iron and iron technology, Timothy Champion
Material worlds, Fraser Hunter
Migration, Andrew P. Fitzpatrick
Politics and power, John Collis, Raimund Karl

Business and Management

Dynamic Capabilities


Contemporary Middle-Eastern and North African History
Contemporary Israel/Palestine, Shourideh C. Molavi
the Ends of Empire
Germany, Andreas Eckert
Tropical Africa, Frederick Cooper


Corporate Law and Governance
Corporate Governance and Its Political Economy, Mark J. Roe, Massimiliano Vatiero


Computational Linguistics, Second Edition
Deep Learning, Kyunghyun Cho
Phonology, Steven Bird, Jeffrey Heinz
Contact-induced change in evidentials, Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald
Evidentiality in Algonquian, Marie-Odile Junker, Randolph Valentine, Conor Quinn
Evidentiality in Gitksan, Tyler Peterson
Evidentiality in Japanese, Heiko Narrog, Wenjiang Yang
Evidentiality in Mongolic languages, Benjamin Brosig, Elena Skribnik
Evidentiality in Tibetic, Scott DeLancey
Evidentiality in Tukanoan languages, Kristine Stenzel, Elsa Gomez-Imbert
Evidentiality in Uralic languages, Elena Skribnik, Petar Kehayov
Evidentials and person, Jackson T.-S. Sun
Evidentials: the framework, Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald


American Folklore and Folklife Studies


Critical Concepts in Music Theory
Repetition, Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis
Music and Queerness


Neuronal Ion Channels
GABA(A) Receptor Physiology and Pharmacology  , Martin Wallner, Anne Kerstin Lindemeyer, Richard W. Olsen
P2X Receptors, Annette Nicke, Thomas Grutter, Terrance M. Egan
Specialized sodium channels in pain transmission, Yucheng Xiao, Zifan Pei, Theodore R. Cummins
Neuronal Protein Synthesis
Role of eukaryotic initiation factor eIF2B in vanishing white matter disease, Truus E. M. Abbink, Lisanne E. Wisse, Xuemin Wang, Christopher G. Proud


Leibniz as Historian, Maria Rosa Antognazza
Levinas's Prison Notebooks, Sarah Hammerschlag
Newton and Spinoza, Alison Peterman
Phenomenological Psychopathology
Alterity, Søren Overgaard, Mads Gram Henriksen
Autonomy, Katerina Deligiorgi
Delusional Mood, Mads Gram Henriksen, Josef Parnas
Dysphoria as a Psychopathological Organiser in Borderline Patients, Mario Rossi Monti, Alessandra D’Agostino
Edmund Husserl, Roberta de Monticelli
Embodiment, Eric Matthews
Emmanuel Levinas, Richard A. Cohen
Emotion, René Rosfort
Ernst Kretschmer, Mario Rossi Monti
Erwin Straus, Thomas Fuchs
Eugène Minkowski, Annick Urfer-Parnas
Genetic Phenomenology, Anthony J. Steinbock
Hubertus Tellenbach, Stefano Micali
Intentionality, Joel Krueger
Jean-Paul Sartre, Anthony Hatzimoysis
Karl Jaspers, Matthias Bormuth
Ludwig Binswanger, Klaus Hoffmann, Roman Knorr
Obsessions and Phobias, Claire Ahern, Daniel B. Fassnacht, Michael Kyrios
Paul Ricoeur, René Rosfort
Personhood, René Rosfort
R.D. Laing, Allan Beveridge
Selfhood and Its Disorders, Josef Parnas, Mads Gram Henriksen
Simone De Beauvoir, Shannon M. Mussett
Time, Federico Leoni
Values and Values-based Practice, K.W.M. Fulford, Giovanni Stanghellini
Wolfgang Blankenburg, Martin Heinze
Philosophy of Love
Love and Freedom, Derk Pereboom

Political Science

Global Health Politics
Global Health and Human Security, Robert L. Ostergard Jr., Jeffrey A. Griffin
Polling and Survey Methods
Introduction to Polling and Survey Methods, Lonna Rae Atkeson, R. Michael Alvarez


Adolescent Substance Abuse
Development of Sexual Relationships and Substance Use, Sonya B. Norman, Erin Harrop, Kendall C. Wilkins, Eric R. Pedersen, Ursula S. Myers, Aimee Chabot, Carie Rodgers
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
DBT in Private Practice, Sarah Reynolds, Colleen Lang
DBT with Adolescents, Jill Rathus, Alec Miller, Lauren Bonavitacola
Emotion Dysregulation
Emotion Dysregulation and Self-Inflicted Injury, Erin A. Kaufman, Sheila E. Crowell
Emotions as Regulators of Motivated Behavior, Eric E. Nelson, Michele A. Morningstar, Whitney I. Mattson
Operant Reinforcement and Development of Emotion Dysregulation, Christina Gamache Martin, Maureen Zalewski, Grace Binion, Jacqueline O’Brien
Treating Emotion Dysregulation in Externalizing Disorders, Dominika A. Winiarski, April L. Brown, Niranjan S. Karnik, Patricia A. Brennan
Positive Psychology, Third Edition
Hope Theory, Kevin L. Rand, Kaitlin K. Touza
the History of Clinical Neuropsychology


Catholic Theology
Eschatology, Paul O'Callaghan
Religion and Race in American History
American Judaism and Race, Jodi Eichler-Levine
Black Theologies, Kerry Pimblott
Catholicism and Race, Mike Pasquier
Introduction, Paul Harvey, Kathryn Gin Lum
Mormonism and Race, Patrick Q. Mason
Puritans and Race, Richard A. Bailey
Religion and Race in the Early Modern Iberian Atlantic, Jessica L. Delgado, Kelsey C. Moss
Religion, Race, and Popular Culture, Lerone A. Martin, J. Kameron Carter


Evolution, Biology, and Society
Evolution and Human Reproduction, Martin Fieder, Susanne Huber
Evolutionary Theory and Criminology, Anthony Walsh, Cody Jorgensen
Genes and Status Achievement, François Nielsen
Human Sociosexual Dominance Theory, Kristin Liv Rauch, Rosemary L. Hopcroft
On the Genetic and Genomic Basis of Aggression, Violence, and Antisocial Behavior, Kevin M. Beaver, Eric J. Connolly, Joseph L. Nedelec, Joseph A. Schwartz
Social Epigenetics of Human Behavior, Daniel E. Adkins, Kelli M. Rasmussen, Anna R. Docherty
Stress and Stress Hormones, Jeff Davis, Kristen Damron
DNA is Not Destiny, Rose McDermott, Peter K. Hatemi
The Savanna Theory of Happiness, Satoshi Kanazawa, Norman P. Li

Complete Handbooks


Evidentiality, Eds. Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald


Social Psychology and Social Justice, Eds. Phillip L. Hammack Jr.


Religion and Race in American History, Eds. Paul Harvey, Kathryn Gin Lum


Evolution, Biology, and Society, Eds. Rosemary L. Hopcroft

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