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Coastal Hazards, Risks, and Marine Extreme Events: What Are We Doing About It?


 Coastal Hazards, Risks, and Marine Extreme Events: What Are We Doing About It?

This article describes the threat costal hazards pose to existing life in light of climate change and natural disaster. It includes an overview of flooding, extreme waves, and other water-related stressors. The article discusses how human-induced risks in the coastal zone, resulting from mismanaged urbanization, persistent pollution, and overexploitation of resources, exacerbate matters and pose extra pressure on the environment, science, and society. Ways of measurement and reaction to these events, as well as best practices for preparedness, are discussed. Businesses, individuals, and ecosystems are under threat of destruction from these circumstances. The article also emphasizes the need to make scientific work in this field accessible and understandable to society and decisión makers.


This article is a selection from Oxford Handbooks Online in Earth Science.


Featured Image: Hurricane Catarina on the coast of Brazil, 2004. NASA, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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