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Women and Leadership



 Women and Leadership

Despite decades of progress relative to men in work and schooling, women remain severely underrepresented among top corporate and political leaders. This chapter discusses the current status and recent progress of women in leadership positions, with a focus on the realm of corporate leadership. The effects of different public policy interventions aimed at increasing female representation are assessed, and particular attention is paid to gender quotas for corporate boards and to the question of spillover benefits from female leaders to other women. The effects of gender quotas in politics are also discussed and compared with those of gender board quotas.


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This article by Amalia R. Miller is a selection from The Oxford Handbook of Women and the Economy, edited by Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys, and Saul D. Hoffman.


Featured Image: We Can Do It! / Rosie the Riveter poster from the War Production Board, c. 1942-1943. U.S. National Archives, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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